Privacy Policy

This privacy document is made to disclose the privacy policy of PRIMUS WEB VENTURES LLP., which has the ownership and operation rights of mobile application termed as “DuPlay”. (hereafter going to be termed as “DuPlay”) as well as its services ( as mentioned under the terms of service of DuPlay. In case you don’t agree with our policies and practices, you are requested not to use the application or its services. The aspects included under this privacy policy focus on the following:

  1. What kind of information does DuPlay collect?
  2. What are the measures undertaken to collect information and how it is used at DuPlay?
  3. Your information disclosure to third parties.
  4. Policies related to third party advertising.
  5. What are the restrictions for age?
  6. Security parameter
  7. Opt-Out/choice
  8. How to contact the website?
  9. Consent for Privacy statement
  10. Date when the policy/terms would be effective?

Information that is collected automatically

  • Unique id number of the mobile device of user
  • The geographic location of the device while the app is running actively.
  • Technical information of the device of user (computer of mobile phone) like device type, operating system or web browser.
  • Settings and preferences of the user like language, product preference, type of device, privacy preferences etc.
  • The ads, controls of buttons you clicked on ( in care they exist)
  • Time period till you have used DuPlay as well as other features and services, you have taken into use.

Information that is collected on the consent of user

For registering, the user is required to sign-up using his/her Facebook login. By doing so, user authorizes us to get access to various account information of Facebook, including the Facebook account, profile pictures, name, fiends and interests. We understand that by offering your consent to get access to your Facebook Account, you allow us to take and share your name as well as profile pictures, and name as well as profile picture of your Facebook friends who are Facebook friends in common with a number of other DuPlay users present in your geolocation of network.

At any point of time, if you disclose your personal information voluntarily on screens or pages viewable to public, then that information will be available publicly and can be taken as well as used by people. As an example, if you are posting your email address, then you may receive a number of unsolicited messages. It is not in our authority to keep a check on people who read your postings or how the other users are using your information shared by you in the form of voluntary posts. For this reason, we expect you to use your own discretion and take caution in regard to your personal or sensitive information.

An option is also available to prepare video profile on the application. It is expected that you know other DuPlay users also can have access to your created video profile.

It is at your discretion to offer information related to yourself like your location, gender, biography or URL. Any additional information or image offered by your will be displayed publicly. In case you want your account should be closed and all your information shall be removed, then you just need to send as email to

It is also expected from our side that you know you can have access to the information submitted by you. In addition, you undertake further to review all information submitted by your from time to time so as to make sure any “sensitive or personal” information that is incorrect, deficient or obsolete is amended or corrected.

In the following sectors, we are showing how we are collecting your personal information and in what manner we are going to use it.

Method of collecting and making use of information

  1. Geolocation: At the time you are making use of DuPlay, a track record of the geographic location of your device is kept in order to connect you to other users of DuPlay based on the geographic location.

  2. Cookies: We make use of “cookies” in order to keep a record of some kind of information while you are using our services or application. Cookies enable us to save the preferences of user and keep a check on the trends of the user. For proper operation of our application, we rely on cookies; hence if your settings are made to work in such a manner that they may not accept cookies, then our application may fail to work properly. Those who reject cookies, may be held responsible for any functionality loss.

  3. Log files: Every time you make use of our application, the information from your browser may be automatically gathered by our servers like the clicks number, type of platform, date/time stamp and so on. This helps us in analyzing trends, prevent fraud, collect demographic information, track the movement of the visitor as whole and to administer the services.

  4. Web Beacons: Popularly known as pixel tags or clear gifts, “Web beacons” are quite small transparent images in the graphical form that are used in combination with cookies so as to make our applications personalized for you and to record some information about you. Web beacons may also be used by us in our email communications so as to analyze the behavior of customers using our services.

  5. Telephone calls and Emails: When you register for making use of our services, you will be asked to offer your email address. This email id will be used for initiating communication as well as for promotional purposes, like to tell you about events, newsletters, special offers of third party and new offerings. The messages we send you via mail may contain some code that helps in keeping a track record of your email’s usage. Even this information is stored in our database that if the email was opened by you and what are the links you found interesting and clicked. You may be contacted via messages or phones (if you have provided your mobile number) for company’s services only. If you don’t want to receive – text messages or telephone calls, then you just have to delete or change your number from the database, or you can also ask for the same whenever you will get text message or call from our service.

  6. Your Information: You may also provide us with your video or photo and other such content, so that we can make it available for the other users of the organization's services.

  7. Online Survey Data: We also conduct voluntary member surveys periodically. Here we motivate our members to take part in such surveys as they offers us essential data related to the development of the services. If you want, you can also assist for several surveys which we offer for our users, and any further rules related to the performance of the surveys will be explained to you before the participation. We do not associate the surveys to any of the personal profile and the entire responses are unspecified.

  8. Demographic Data: This can also be collected from DuPlay. The main reason behind using this data is to adapt the experience of the visitor's on the site, so that we can show them the content in which they are interested and presenting the content according to their liking. These types of information can be shared with the advertisers on a non-personally individual source.

  9. Use for Research: In terms of above mentioned outlines, by using or downloading our Services and Application, you are allowing us for the use of information from your experiences for the research to advance the user experience and Services. This research has been performed by official individuals, may be published. Your entire reactions will be kept unknown, and the personal information will also not get published.

  10. Information Related To Your Friends: We motivate you to refer your friends for our service by sending him a request through mail address, Facebook ID, or through mobile number. We will store this information in our database, and deliver that individual a one-time Facebook request, e-mail, or SMS which contains your name and welcoming them to download the Application. This e-mail also contains directions on how to eliminate their data from the database. You concur that you will not neglect this aspect by mentioning the addresses and names of those who is not interested in downloading the Application form.

Disclosure of the Information to Third Parties

  • Disclosure to Confident Third Parties by Us: We are allowed to share some of your de-identified personal information with the third parties; this information will not disclose your identity. We can also share your information with the service providers who are being associated with us to present functions on our behalf. For an example, technology assistants or customer care agents may require access to your data to present services for you. The entire information related to you will be treated as confidential and private by the service providers, and this information will not be used for any other purpose other than approved by us. Along with this we may also share the personal information like phone number, e-mail, and mailing address related to the users with the selected third parties, so that they can offer services and goods which can enhance the interest of the users. If you don't want to get offers from our reliable partners, then you can change your e-mail preferences anytime from your account. We will inflict the commitment on third parties not to reveal any personal information.

  • Disclosure By Law: You agree and acknowledge that we can reveal the information related to you, whenever it requires by law on the request of third party or if we, in our sole judgment, consider that disclosure is sensible to
    (1) comply with the orders, law, or requests from legal process or any law enforcement;
    (2) verify the identity, punish, prevent, prosecute, detect, and investigate offences where the Government group has confirmed in writing that the information acquired shall not be shared or published with any of the other person;
    (3) defend or protect the third party's or organization's property or rights;
    (4) Protect someone's safety or health, such as when violence or harm against any individual (counting you) is threatened; or when
    (5) such revelation would be to uphold public order or it brings agitation to the charge of any prevents investigation or cognizable offence of any insult or offence to any other nation.

  • Disclosure to Confident Third Parties on Your Request: When using our Services or while downloading the Application, we may provide you with offers, advertisements, and promotions from the third party providers. If you want to select any such kind of offers then you may either (depends on the situation) openly provide your data in association with the offer for the providers of third party, or we will offer you the data for the provider of third party by pre-populating the offer of registration forms. Your data will not be reassigned until you accept the offer. You are also permitted to opt-out the offer at any time before you accept the offer. You are requested to pass on to the third party privacy policy which is being provided on the third party or offer pages of the website. You can clear all the query related to the use of your information by other providers. It is also very important to note that these offers may be provided on the pages created by the Organization but which are not in the control of the Organization, and the Organization is not liable for the content of any link enclosed in a linked site or any associated site, or any additional updates or changes for such websites. The Organization is offering these links only to you as an ease, and the enclosure of any association does not entail that the Organization endorses, promotes, or accepts any liability for the content on the website of the third party. The main reason behind performing this to offer a seamless experience. You concur that the Organization will not be in charge or responsible for any damage or loss of any type acquired as the result of such dealings including the sharing of the data you provide to the providers of third party described here.

  • Breach Notification: In this occurrence we practice any breach of security concerning to personal information detained by us, we shall effort to get in touch with you as soon as possible through telephone, e-mail, or through other means of communication available to us so that you may take essential steps related to this regard. Although, the letdown to inform shall not make us accountable against any injury or claim whatsoever.

  • Information Conveyed As a Result of Sale of Business: As we expand our business, we may sell or buy assets depending on the contract; your personal information may be considered as one of the transferred possessions. In the occasion that we are obtained by another Organization, your personal information may be termed as the part of the assets relocated to the attaining party. If this happens, you will be noticed in case if there is any material alternation to the path of your personal information is used or collected and you are permitted to finish your account.

Third Party Advertising: We may also use the other service providers or third party advertising agencies to supply ads with the help of our Application on the behalf of the third party advertisers or Organization such as retailers of goods and services.

We will only share the information in the same way as we have mentioned in the privacy statement.

Security: We will implement logical care in offering protected communication of information between the computer and the servers, but it is also cleared that the information which is being transmitted over the internet can be ensure 100% protected, we can warrant or make sure the protection of any information transferred to us over the Internet and so we do not accept any responsibility for any unintended disclosure.

Age Restrictions: We have mentioned the age restrictions in the Terms of Service. We do not aim our Services or Application to individuals who are below the age of 18, and any information which we obtained from the users we believe to be above the age of 18.

Opt-out/Choice: You can use the following alternatives to eliminate the information from the database of our e-mail section, if you like to opt out of getting promotional newsletters and emails.

  • Send your mail to the following e-mail address by letting us know the promotional email(s) for which you want to opt out for:

Contact Us: If you have any doubt about the practices of this website, Privacy Statement, or the use of the Services and the Application then you can Contact us at or write to us at: SB-165, GANDHI MARG, GANDHI NAGAR MODH, JAIPUR (RAJASTHAN) INDIA.
Site Administrator: Gaurav Upadhyay

Approval of Privacy Statement

The use of our Services, together with any dispute related to the privacy, is liable to this applicable Terms of Service and the privacy statement. IF YOU ARE USING OUR SERVICES, YOU ARE ADMITTING THE ENTIRE PRACTICES WHICH ARE BEING SET OUT IN THIS TERM OF SERVICE AND PRIVACY STATEMENT. IF YOU DO NOT CONCUR WITH THIS PRIVACY POLICY, THEN PLEASE DO NOT USE OUR SERVICES.

If there will be any kind of changes in the privacy policy, then we will mention those alternations to this privacy statement page and other places we believe right so that you must be aware of what information we acquire, how we implement it, and under which conditions, if there is any, then we will disclose it. We keep the right to alter the privacy statement at any time, so please go through it on a regular basis. If there will be any kind of material changes then you will be informed here, or through other means like e-mails at our judgment.

You regular use of any section of our Application subsequently posting of the efficient privacy statement will form your approval of the changes.

Effective Date 25th Jan 2015

This Privacy statement was last updated on 25th Jan 2015.