Do I need Facebook to create my Duplay account?

Yes, to create your Duplay account it's necessary that you use your Facebook or Gmail login. This helps us ensure that you're matched with real people who share the same interest as you.

Can I message someone who isn't my match?

No, you can only message those with whom you share a mutual interest.

I am unable to upload photos/ my pictures are not visible on Duplay.

If there is a problem with picture visibility or uploading, make sure that your picture privacy on Facebook is set on "PUBLIC" rather than "ONLY ME". Or else try moving them to a different album on Facebook.

What are badges?

Badges are Duplay popularity awards that are given to you, when your profile hits a certain number of likes. Badges are rewarded to you on three different stages one when you cross 100 likes, second on 500 and finally on 1000 likes. The more the badges, more popular you become.

What do you mean by interest based matches?

On Duplay we have a wide interest search column like Facebook. Where you can select yours and find people that share the same interests as you.

How does profile search work?

Duplay allows you to search your friends and acquaintances that are already using this app. All you need to do is type in their name and search. It reduces the pain of searching.

What is Travel Pass/ Explore/ World Pass?

This is an ultimate location changing/ faking solution for you. Search for your matches pretending that you’re in their location. Example: search for matches in Mumbai by changing your location to that. When instead you’re currently are in Delhi

What is Match Maker?

Duplay allows you to be “CUPID” for your friends and matches. With this you can suggest two people who you think are correct for each other and lead them to a new path of friendship. But you can only use this feature on your Facebook friends and current Duplay matches.

How do I change my Interests?

Once you change them on Facebook the application automatically update them for you. Duplay periodically pulls this information from Facebook so to reduce your hassle.

Is my Privacy protected?

Yes always, we never share any of your information without permission. That goes for your social media account as well.

Is Duplay only for India?

Right now it is. We are more focused on helping you find amazing new people around you in a simpler and safer manner.

Why do I need social media account to sign up?

The only reason for this is to weed out fake profiles and give you a hassle free experience. We all know that social apps have a lot of fake users who harass the genuine ones, especially females. This policy ensures that your information is safe and that you’re talking to real people.

Why Duplay? It’s easy to find someone in real life!

We believe, with everyone’s hectic schedule these days one doesn’t get time to meet new people. Once you start working your social life deteriorates and life gets into a work-home rut. On Facebook also you only reconnect with people you already know, not adding new ones. With Duplay we give you this chance. Where you can be in comfort of your home and find people you would like to connect with for life.